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Me and my buddies are from New York and we had a last minute cancellation from another Airbnb so we reached out to the Host Lin, on Wednesday night for Thursday afternoon. Most host we called would not allow the appointment on such short time, but Lin was more than accomodating. Because it was so late we coudln't finalize on the website, so we finialized it over the phone and she manually put it in through Airbnb. Me and my friends were very relieved since it looked like we were not going to find a place up there. I don't usually write long review, but we had such a great time and experience, I wanna give credit where credit was due. We pulled in late Thursday night and its hard to see the road, but I remember Lin telling look for the red mailbox with a little light on top, we coudln't see what color the mailbox was cause it was so dark, but we saw the light, had she not said that we probably would have missed it a few times because it was so dark. When we arrived the place was already a cool temperature, I believe they are able to control the ac remotely. They had a remote lock for the front door that was very easy to open, as soon as we came in the place was very clean, with a full dining table set up to eat on nice torquise napkins. The kitchen had a nice but subtle purple lighting and the big fridge helped because we brought a lot of food and drinks with us. We had 4 people with us and they had 3 bedrooms, but one bedroom had 2 bunk beds, this is the first time i've seen bunk beds where the bottom bunk is a full size bed and the top is a twin. The master bed had a king and a half bathroom which was perfect because there was one full size bathroom we shared only to take turns showering. I love the wall paper or design on each door making it more vibrant. The backyard had a nice deck that we occasionally enjoyed a smoke on. What this place doesn't tell you is that there is an awesome game room in the garage with air hockey, ping pong and pool, they also had a foozball table. I felt like I was in college again and we enjoyed almost every night in there after we came home. As far as places to go the first night we went to a steak house Froghouse? Steak house and they had indoor dining with safety precautions, being that were from New York we haven't had an indoor meal at any restaurants in months. At this place we grabbed brochures for everything, but didn't get to do all of it. They offer a plethora of activities, from sight seeing to zip lining to white water rafting to flee markets on the weekend. Being that we only had 3 days we only got to do so much, there is a nice town called Easton close that had a nice downtown area that I was surprised was so modern and peaceful. Went to a great Coffee shop, then Seafood lunch, Craft Beer Bar, Outdoor Cocktail place with live music, then we went to a strip club! apparently the only one opened in Pennsylvania! To top it off we went back home at midnight and we all hung out in the game room. Upon going to bed I wanted another comforter because I like it cold when i sleep, I was reluctant to text the host, but couldn't find another blanket. I figured I'd text her and see what happens, minutes later she texts me back the combination to a lockbox, inside the lock box was a set of keys that opens up a closet and there were plenty more comforters, pillows, etc inside. I thought she would be mad so i apologized but she said it was fine and called me my dear! Awesome host, awesome time, I def will be back. She mentioned that the house had a basement and that there was another bedroom and bathroom and that they will be expanding so next time if i had more friends we could come back. Listen for $290 a night for 4 people with all the activities around and other hosts rejecting us because of short bookings, this was my go to place and will be in the future! Thanks Lin!

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